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Introduce of the Scenic Area


Located inside Zixing City, Hunan Province, Dongjiang Lake Tourist Area is a 5A Grade National Tourist Area (to be established) and national wetland park. Enjoying a superior location, this tourist area is next to Beijing-Hongkong-Macau Expressway, Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, 107 state highway, Xiamen-Chengdu Expressway, Wuhan-Guangzhou Express Railway, only about 28 kilometers away from downtown Chenzhou City, and passes by Chenzhou Avenue, which may be reached within 20 minutes’ drive.  

Pure and great in size, the Dongjiang Lake enjoys a lake area of 160 square kilometers and a water storage capacity of 8.12 billion cubic meters, which about half of that of the entire Dongting Lake. Its water quality has met the requirements of top class drinking water standard in China. The main landscapes of the tourist area include: Misty Small Dongjiang, Dongjiang Dam, Longjing Canyon, Divine Doushuai Rocks, Dongjiang River Drift, San-Xiang-Si-Shui (Hunan)Cultural Tourist Street of Dongjiang Lake (including Fancy Stone Museum of Dongjiang Lake, Photograph Art Museum, Humanities Bamboo Lodge), cruise in gaily-painted pleasure boats with ancient style or luxury yachts, and thrilling parachuting over the lake and jet ski and so on.

Dongjiang River has been endowed with beautiful mountains and waters. Incorporating the elegance of southern China and remarkable history and civilization, Dongjiang Lake has been known as “the heavenly lake in the Mortal World that has included thousands of most exquisite sceneries”.

Misty Small Dongjiang

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