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Mang Mountain
Date Issued:2013-06-07  Hits:2305

 Tiantai Mountain


    Located in the Wuling Mountains, which is the southern part of Yizhang County of Hunan Province, Mang Mountain has long been known as “the second Xishuangbanna”, “NO.1 Sustainable Landscape” and “Austral Natural Arboretum”. It has moderate climate and abundant rainfall and the superior natural conditions have multiplied the categories of forest cover to form the unique and interesting pattern. You can see forest plants from tropical zone, subtropical zone, temperate zone and even some of cold zone. It is made up of three scenic spots which are Tiantai Mountain, Devil Stockade, Monkey King Stockade. “By coming to Mang Mountain, you can have an opportunity to see the world better”.


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