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Seek Happiness and Passion from Mountains and Waters
Date Issued:2013-04-15  Hits:2644

Two-day-one-night tour at Dongjiang Lake, Dongjiang Bay, and Dongjiang River Drift


700a.m.—9:00 a.m.Visit Chinese Creative Photography Base, the fairyland on earth — Misty Small Dongjiang River (including Guanpuyun Pavilion, Yu-Qiao-Xian-Ju, Misty House, Dongjiang Duckweed, etc.), Butterfly Valley Waterfall, the external landscape of Asia’s No.1 Dam — Dongjiang Dam (The tour shall take about 120 minutes);

9:00a.m.—10:30a.m. Visit the unique natural oxygen bar — Longjing Eighteen Waterfalls (The tour shall take about 90 minutes);

11:30a.m. Have lunch at designated restaurant; 
     1:00p.m.—2:00p.m. Visit Dongting of Southern Hunan by boat — Dongjiang Lake;
     2:00p.m.—3:30p.m. Climb Tushita Island, and visit the world-class super-large Karst Cavern Divine Doushuai Rock (The tour shall take about 150 minutes);
     4:00p.m.—5:00p.m. Go to the No.1 Town with the customs of Southern Hunan — Huangcao Town (The tour shall take about 60 minutes), lodge in the designated farmhouse, and experience Huangcao Farmhouse Enjoyment.


Experience the thrilling and exciting Chinese eco-tourism No.1 drift— Dongjiang River Driftin the morning (lasting for about 150 minutes);
    Return after having lunch in the designated restaurant;
    Visit San-Xiang-Si-Shui (Hunan) • Sending-off Group of Dongjiang Lake Cultural Tourism Street in the afternoon (the tour shall take about 150 minutes).

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